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GIUSEPPE DEZZAA torpedo hit this ship during WW2; as a result it broke in two and sank to the depth of 35mtrs, about 50mtrs apart. The upper part is located 30mtrs deep with well preserved guns and covered with multi coloured seaweed and inhabited by various species of fish. The ship was thirty-five meters long.


MAONASank in WW2, it was a supply ship. It rests in 30-36mtrs depths. It is 40mtrs long by 8mtrs wide. The interior is home to various species of fish and crustaceans.


MAONA It was an English spy ship that sank during 1945. This wreck can be found 30mtrs deep. It is 60mtrs long by 8mtrs wide. The main mast will reveal it self about 17mtrs below surface, it is covered with numerous snagged fishing nets which conceal remaining weapons of the time with abundant seaweed and marine life.


NUMIDIAWas a cargo ship that sank in 1947 with a cargo of cement in depth of 28-40mtrs It is 120mtrs long by 13mtrs wide. It is dangerous to dive in the interior. It is almost entirely covered with marine growth and broken fishing nets.


ISTRAIt is one of the most visible wrecks on the Istria'n coast. This 80mtrs by 11mtrs wide ship is still providing an awesome site in the depth of 28-42mtrs. All around the wreck you can see hand grenades, mines, and munition along various weaponry. It provides home for abundant marine inhabitants with unequal beauty.


ROMAGNAWas a cargo ship that was sunk for unknown reason during WW2 The ship is 70mtrs long by 8mtrs wide in 30-40 metres depth. It is covered with various types of barnacles. It provides an interesting peaceful dive.


MAONA This ship is the titanic of Adriatic for divers. It was a luxury liner heading from Kotara to Trieste, carrying the families of officers from kotara away from the war. On 13 August 1914 it hit a mine laid by its own navy ship and sank within 10 minutes near the islands of Briun. There were few survivors due to the number of women and children on board. The wreck rests in 28-42mtrs of depth. It is a 82.3mtrs long by 11.9mtrs wide monument and provides an unforgettable view .